Microwave Shelf to Add Extra Storage Space to Your Kitchen *2021

A microwave shelf is available as a wall-mounting cabinet in your kitchen. Microwave shelf wall mounts It does not need to be a specially designed shelf in terms of height. Another idea is to position the microwave on top of the kitchen island. In this way, you are able to maintain the countertop clutter-free and you still can keep your microwave at an appropriate temperature for both adults and children. The microwave can also be positioned to the side of the island or on the top of the island, which allows access to your microwave whenever you wish to use it.

For kitchen islands, a microwave shelf is a great addition. With these shelves, you get additional storage space for your microwave. You can also add other accessories like racks, baskets, or cabinets and as you make modifications to your kitchen design; you need to make sure that these storage spaces will match with your kitchen island or cabinet placement. There are three common types of kitchen islands and they are fixed, drop, or freestanding. A freestanding kitchen island is able to rotate and open up fully in any direction which is ideal for placing freezers, microwaves, or other items that you would want to keep outside. In terms of the design of the microwave shelf countertop, you can opt for a custom shelf with flexible corner and edge features to maximize its storage space.

In terms of size, a standard size for an over microwave shelf is four feet by six feet. However, for a particular kitchen design, you may need more or less storage space for your microwave. This is why a reputable designer should be consulted to help you find the right size for your kitchen. When planning your home improvement project, ensure that the area behind the stove is made larger to accommodate the microwave oven and the cabinet you plan to install.
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Furthermore, the location of the cabinet is important because it must blend perfectly with the countertop and the flooring. A good example would be to have cabinets that are slightly below the surface of the countertop to provide better ventilation while keeping the cabinet away from the surface. By doing so, your microwave shelf will not only look great but will also function better because it does not heat up the entire room when you are cooking.

Before making final decisions on the design idea for your over microwave shelf, you have to take into account the type of cabinet that would suit your needs. In case you are looking for additional storage space, you may need to buy a set of drawers or cabinets. A good place to start looking for the right cabinet is online because there are many websites that sell various types of kitchen furniture.

For a sleek and modern kitchen, having a microwave shelf is an ideal choice. Whether you choose to mount it above your counter or in the wall, you get a perfect storage space and you can also save a lot of space by fitting it right next to your oven. This will eliminate the need for the usual kitchen corner cabinet. If you opt for a different design, you can use your imagination in choosing the materials used to make the unit. Many people prefer stainless steel units for their kitchens because they go with a simple kitchen design idea.

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