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First, act electric guitar, So you’ve been hearing about the legendary First Act Electric Guitar and are ready to go out and buy one? The First Act is a brand new model of electric guitar that offers a number of changes from the older versions that are often found in music stores. They have gone through many changes in order to offer a high-quality product at a low cost, and with the help of some professional retailers, some of these changes have been incorporated into the actual guitar itself. You don’t have to worry about sacrificing any sound quality by using an Act guitar – even though they are still rather small compared to other models of electric guitars. They are perfect for all sorts of genres and are designed specifically for modern music styles. So what exactly should you look for when you start shopping for your first electric guitar?

Body Style – The first thing you’ll notice when you’re looking for a guitar in the style of body shape it features. There are a few major ones, including the ‘rectangle’ body style and the ‘camel style body shape. The rectangle body style features an hourglass shape, while the camel-style features rounded corners and curves.

Neck Profile – In addition to the shape of the guitar’s neck, it’s important to note what kind of neck profile it has as well. Some of the first guitars were made with an open “C” shape, while others came with a closed “G” shape. This difference in the neck shape helped lend character to the guitars and helped distinguish them from one another. Many first models were fitted with large pickups, but these models are no longer available. However, it is still possible to find some with the old-style open pickup.

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Finish Choices – Although the first act model guitars come standard with mahogany or rosewood, other finishes are now available. In fact, many of the first models actually had a satin finish on them, but this is no longer the case. The maple, ash, and even chrome options are available. As mentioned above, it’s still possible to find a mahogany or rosewood model, but you will find an abundance of different finishes as well. It’s important to have fun experimenting with the different choices, so you can eventually choose the finish that suits you best.

Parts and Accessories – One of the first things you may notice when you look at first guitars is the lack of parts. Sure, the sound is great, but the guitars lack the authentic “guitar tone” that is only found when one is using the appropriate parts. Thankfully, many of the early first guitars were made with the correct parts. You may even be able to use the original parts to create a very unique sound. Some people even re-use parts from older guitars, to achieve the same vintage sound.

The first guitars also came equipped with less than desirable accessories. For example, you probably would not find a slide master with your first guitar. In fact, the first guitar you should have is one that comes with a slide master. This is especially true if you are going through a learning stage because you need to master the skills of playing the instrument before moving on to more elaborate models. This can allow you to focus more on actually learning to play the guitar instead of focusing on the look and feel of the instrument.

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